Nikki Ansley - 1998 Deer Park high School

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Nikki Ansley - 1998 Deer Park high School
The 1998 Deer Park high School yearbook photo for Nikki Ansley.
Date & Place: at Deer Park High School North 402 Ivy Ave, in Deer Park, Harris County, Texas 77536, United States
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Nikki N. (Ansley) Dement
Nikki Nichole Ansley was born to David Lynn Ansley and Melinda Jane Gibson. She was 19 when she married Aaron (then age 21) in Cherokee Texas back in 2002, and was 29 when she re-married 39 year old Todd S. Daniels on June 3rd 2012 in Montgomery Texas. Nikki was working with Candace Driver on September 2nd 2002 at a convenience store that was robbed by two men. After taking funds from the cash register, Nikki and Candace were held as hostages along with a customer and driven to a remote field. She was sexually assaulted and then shot along with the other two. She miraculously survived this encounter and was able to identify the two culprits. A detailed copy of the event is further down on this page. Richard Cobb (29) who was one of the two men was given a lethal injection and pronounced dead at 6:27pm CDT at a state prison in Huntsville on April 25th 2013. Nikki was quoted in the Tyler Courier-Times on Sunday January 18th 2004 when reflecting on the incident "It was a night of terror that I don't think anyone can imagine unless they have gone through it. I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy."
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