Noreen Kane

Noreen Kane was born in 1907 in West Bengal, India. She died in England. Do not have a date on this.
According to the India documents, she was married and divorced. She married Whitbert James Lehaney. She is register as being his wife on the immigration papers.
The information; was sent to me by a friend and cousin.

This is what she found on the India documents.

I have 28 Nov 1911 for Whitford (Whitbert) James Lehaney birth in Bengal. I found this information years ago from the India House website before the confidentiality rules came in. Whitford (Whitbert) James wife is Zena Pearl Sweeney (19) 13 Nov 1939 and I have another name, Noreen Kane beside Zena
Date & Place: in India
1907 - Unknown

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