Otto Frank Miller, 1926

Updated Mar 12, 2015
Katrina Dawn-Adrian Miller
Katrina Dawn-Adrian Miller shared a photo
on Mar 06, 2015 7:16 PM
A photo of Otto Frank Miller, "Frank", at the Red River Carnival. One of two of a series of last photos taken before he was murdered by Albert E. Lary. Edit--Ok. Wow. I didn't think this photo would get any likes or comments. You people surprised me. Frank is my Great Grand Uncle. His brother, Hugh is my Great Grandfather. To answer the questions, this is one of those carnival photos. He was a mechanic in real life. Mr. Lary was arrested and spent a few years in jail. There was a trial. I've seen Lary's testimony on Justia website (Lary vs. state of Oklahoma). The girlfriend took her father's side on the stand. Friends of the girl took Frank's side. Trial records can be found at the Marshal County Courthouse in Oklahoma. I cannot comment on the Lary family or tell my opinions on Albert and the trial. Sorry.
Date & Place: in Oklahoma United States

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