Pensive Woman

Found in an antique store. There is no information about the woman. Look at those "mutton chop" sleeves!
Date & Place: in Sandy Creek, Oswego County, New York USA
None / Unknown

Updated Jan 07, 2020

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Do you know who this "Pensive Woman" is?
Jan 07 · Reply
Laura Harmon Vickers
She looks like she's fixing to giggle
Irene MacCollar
She’s so tiny!
Lynn Maher
Brenda Lichty-Steedley
She's very young.
Shelly LaBarre Green
Sharon Evans Lyle
Makes me think of Anne Shirley’s ideal puffy sleeve.
Teresa Chmelik
Joni Kristenson she really resembles Katie.
Angela Svirbely
Beautiful and I love her jewelry
Bob Gaines
Once again, an excellent example of why we should ID ALL OUR PHOTOS!
David Maroney
I must be a tad more duplicitous: I got a few photos I don’t want any ID on...
Terri Salyer
Her necklace! Beautiful
Linda Benninghofen
Love this photo her dress is gorgeous and so is she!
Susan Kress Fetterman
She looks alot like Drew Barrymore!
Eileen Murphy Sloan
Exactly what i thought...glad I scrolled through before posting!
Mary Beth Hanlon
Lovely photo, agree that the expression was forced, but the details are intricate.
Cindy Ausink
Renee Bartlett
Terrible pose, but like old photos
Puente Diane
"Puffed sleeves" it❣
Judy Randolph
Diane Reinholtz Jacobsen
LOVE the intricacy of women’s fashion in years gone by! That blouse looks “ one of a kind!”
Jon Robert Hogan
I hate to say it, but it looks like the photographer is telling her "think of the song "If I Only Had a Brain.""
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