Plano Wildcats Varsity Basketball Team TX

Updated Apr 01, 2019
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Previously unpublished photo taken of the 1976-77 Plano Wildcats Varsity Basketball Team during practice in the gym of Plano Senior High school. (Plano, Texas). The team finished the season with an 11-19 record and placed 6th in the district with a 6-10 tally.
Persons pictured in this photo are from left to right: Flip Redden, Davis Curtis, Tom Quigley, Dwayne Majors, Reggie Stimpson, Richard Campbell, Dane Herbel, Eric Lundblade, Steve Rogers, Norman Hall, Jon Moore, Kyle Dreyer, Dan Cahill, Randy Ross, Coach Mike Bridges.
This is the second school year of attendance (1977) at the newly built Plano Senior High campus in West Plano. Construction of the school was completed the summer of 1975 just before the start of the 75-76 school year. Plano High School was previously located at what is now known as William High School in old east Plano.

Plano Senior High 1976-77 school year. Photo ©1977
Date & Place: at Plano Senior High School in Plano, Collin County, Texas United States


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