Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr birthday

Updated Jun 30, 2015

A photo of the Birthday Party For Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr. 5 June 1924, Part 2 I have identified by name and number those whom I know among these who attended the party June 5, 1924. I need help identifying the rest.


#53-Mrs. Isom (Judith Ann Spencer) Sheeks
 born 1852


#46-Mrs. George W. (Priscilla Sheeks) Carr
 born 1854


#43-Bertha Colglazier; 

#42-Carmie Colglazier


#39-Mrs. Carl (Bertha Sheeks) Williams 
born 1904; 

#35-Madeline Neal 
born 1914


#24-Mrs. John I. (Elsie Carr) Tyree 
born 1890; 

#23-Mrs. Asa (Rose Carr) Neal 
born 1878; 

#21-Mrs. Roy (Laura Snow) Carr 
born 1880


#18-Mrs. Roy E. (Beulah White) Neal


#12-Mrs. George (Stella Bass) Fields
 born 1880; 

#8-Mrs. Halbert James (Ella Fields) Sheeks
 born 1867


#7-Jacob Colglazier


#4-Halbert James Sheeks
 born 1862


#1-George Fields

Can you help answer this question?
I would appreciate help identifying more of the people. Thank you.

Taken: at Mitchell, in Lawrence County, Indiana

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