Ralph Baverstock, 1942

Updated Nov 12, 2018
Dave Baverstock
Dave Baverstock shared a photo
on Aug 05, 2015 11:16 AM
A photo of Ralph Baverstock (grandad) and his pals: 6 men of the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Bottom right is my grandfather Ralph Baverstock, bottom left is his friend Harry Marshall. Top right is believed to be Ernie Askew but unsure.After five years of research, the three other chaps are still unknown. Shortly after this photo was taken the 2nd Battalion these 6 men carried out their first jump into battle on the 29th November 1942 at Deppiene in Tunisia. Both my grandfather and Harry went on to fight in Sicily, Italy and Holland but nothing is known of the other and what happen to them, something I would dearly like to find out. The guys are all very the Army Air Corps badge on their berets in this photo as the no familiar winged badge didn't come into use until early 1943
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AncientFaces commented on Nov 12, 2018
Today is the federal holiday of Veterans Day, when the U.S. honors vets of all wars. Read what happened to these brave young men after the photo was taken.
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