Reunion of the SHED-SANDERS-MCNEW family

Updated Sep 23, 2020
Reba Parks shared a photo
on Oct 27, 2003 12:00 AM
A family reunion, back row: left to right: Harvey Reavis, Ella Shed, Albert Anderson (son of Bettie McNew Anderson) Della Sanders, Charlie Smith (son of Rebecca Sanders Smith) Allie Shed, David Edward McNew, Myrtle Shed Morris, IB Boyd(relation?), 3rd row: Henry Hoven (no kin) Jessie Thompson Shed, Eula Sanders, Dewey S. Humphries, Alice Burns Shed (my grgraunt) Bert Arnold, Betty McNew Anderson, Dorcas Holder Sanders, 2nd row: John S. "jack' McNew, Louella/Lucille Shed, Henry Shed (my grgruncle), Lottie McNew Shed, George Harvey 'Hobb' Shed, George Shed (Alice Burns Shed Husband, my grgrfa's brother), Mary Ann Shed Sanders, Van Buell Sanders, Mary Ann McNew Sanders, Bottom Row: Mae Shed, Mabel Bobout (?), Lela llSanders, Alvie Albert Edwin Shed, Harvey Sanders, Eddie Ray Shed, Albert Shed, Sam Sanders, the baby on Mary Ann McNew Sanders lap is Edna Sanders. This was between Dec 1, 1915 to Sept 1916, close to Ding Dong TX, which is in Bell, Lampasas, Coryell Co, or somewhere close by. Contact me for further information.
Date & Place: in Ding Dong, Texas United States


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