Sylviane Margolle-Barberine moment please
Sylviane Margolle-Barberine
A photo of Sylviane shared on Find A Grave by John E Blazier in 2008
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Sylviane Margolle Barberine
Sylviane Margolle-Barberine, birth name Sylviane Christiane Paulette Margollé, was born in the 17th district of Paris, France. Sylviane Margollé began acting at the age of 6 and appeared in television shows and movies from 1957 through her last credit in Les Aventures de Plue d'Elan in 1979. She appeared in A Monkey in Winter (1962), The Case of Dr. Laurent (1957), and Experiment in Evil (1959) She also played Claudine in a 1964 episode of COMBAT! (called The Little Carousel) and also did voices for French animation as well as French language dubbing for American TV shows. A review from IMDb of her acting in the "Combat!" episode: "Sylviane Margolle puts on an absolutely superb performance of a 13 year old French girl, "Claudine", aspiring to serve the Americans as a nurse after they liberate her home town. When Little Carousel was made, Sylviane, in reality, was not quite 14 years old. A youngster 13 years of age putting on this caliber of performance makes The Little Carousel very, very special." Sylviane Margollé married New York native Gerard John Barberine Jr., 1955-2013, and they had one son. Having permanently moved to the United States, she quit acting in the late 1960s to early 1970s and mainly did voiceovers. Unfortunately, she died after "a surgical operation" and there is no record of where she is buried.
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