Turner Family of St. Clair County Alabama

HELP ME: This is a photo copy of a photo copy of the Turner Family of St. Clair Co. AL. My great grandmother is on bottom right Nancy Elizabeth "Dollie" Turner Ball, her stepmother is in the middle, Mary Harriett "Annie" Randles Turner. her father bottom left. Absolum Denman "Dunk" Turner. not sure which siblings are in photo. but possiblities. John Lewis, William Thomas, Martha Caledonia "Callie", Henry Denman, Robert Frank, James Eugene, Donna and Viola Turner Dollie d. in 1917 and I have no photo of her I put this here in hopes someone has a real copy to make out faces.
Date & Place: in USA
Nov 16, 1883 - Unknown
Oct 10, 1886 - Unknown
Nov 28, 1892 - Unknown
Nov 10, 1888 - Unknown
Nov 19, 1872 - Unknown
Jul 28, 1851 - Unknown
Jul 3, 1836 - Unknown
Feb 20, 1896 - Unknown
Updated May 30, 2014

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