Unknown civil war photo Scranton Pa

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First, by the age of some of the people in the photo, I would almost bet against them all being Civil War Veterans. I cannot enlarge the photo enough to see what the emblem on their hats is?CAn you see it?Is it GAR or SOV or POS( I may have thatone wrong)
Going by the ladies dresses, this photo is probably 1880's,1890's or even early 1900's
I am thinking it could be a group like Sons of The Veterans which came after GAR (Grand Army of teh Republic) which was actually for veterans. Sons started up as the veterans became older.It Still exists today. The other one I am thinking of Patriotic Order of ...I cant remember right now..If it is one of these fraternies, there are probably records somewhere
Nov 15, 2008 · Reply
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