VA Ballenger Births Record

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VA Ballenger Births Record
A photo of the Ballenger births in Virginia - bible, 1832 to 1890
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My maiden name is Ballinger and I have traced my family through the years to Indianna, Ohio, Kentucky and Virgina. The name was spelled Ballenger years ago. The given names match some of my database. Please contact me.

John w. Balenger and Margaret F. Reed were my great-grandparents...please contact me
if you want to share information about the
Ballenger Family History...I am the granddaughter of Charles W. Ballenger...he dropped one of the L's and thus my name is
Shirley Balenger daughter of Theodore H. Balenger...
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Pam Unknown
The surnames I am researching (in the DC/VA/MD area) are: Donaldson, Dye, Ballenger, Reed, Jenkins and Brock. In NC: Butler, Marlowe, Cox, Buffkin, Long, Bass and Fips or Phipps. Any information is welcome!
Laura Maciel
i have just recently begun researching my family tree. surnames...wallen,graham,brooks,eckert
Shirley Meader
I am searching for information on the Balenger/Ballenger Family who lived in Glen Echo, Maryland, Fairfax County Virginia and Washington, grandfather was Charles W. Balenger and my grandmother was Etta Mae Cramer...I would love to learn more about Etta Mae's family... Charles married Nellie Kline after Etta Mae died circa.1918...Charles' father was John W. Ballenger and his mother was Margaret Reed...
LeslieBallinger Arne
About me:I haven't shared any details about myself.
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