Waltman, Hester, or Layne Unknown Female Cabinet Card

I am trying to find out who the lady is in this photo along with the nearest possible date that it could have been taken. I'm not sure if she is from the HESTER side of my family or not, but I found the photo with other HESTER Family photos. It's possible she could be a LAYNE as well. I am also wondering if she could be Maria(h) Waltman.

This is a cabinet card portrait of an older female. She is wearing a black button up dress with leg o'mutton sleeves. Her hair is nicely pulled back and parted in the middle. Not much else can be seen as the rest of her dress and background are covered by the vignette around her. She appears to be a bit older in this photo, but still proud to show that she has aged well with the time that's been given to her. The cabinet card itself is of heavier card stock with rounded edges. The front is white with the photographers name and location embossed below the photo. J. Rippel is written in cursive and a nicely designed logo with the "JR" initials is shown to be just off center to the right. On the right Broadway is written above Milton, PA. This address is in all capital letters. The back of the cabinet card is blank with a light brown color to it. Both front and back sides are of a flat matte finish.
Date & Place: at J. Rippel Studio (Maybe Rippel Bros?) on Broadway in Milton, Pennsylvania USA
None / Unknown

Updated Aug 03, 2013

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Drew Hester
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