War of 1812 | Battle of Waterloo | Crimean War moment please
War of 1812 | Battle of Waterloo | Crimean War
Lieutenant General Sir De Lacy Evans, G.C.B., M.P. who was a part of numerous battles including the War of 1812 in the U.S., the battle of Waterloo in Belgium, and the Crimean War.

Sir (George) De Lacy Evans was a British general who actually participated in 4 wars for the U.K. He was also a member of Parliament for almost 20 years and was awarded the Grand Cross of the French Legion of Honor.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Roger Fenton, photographer
Date & Place: in United Kingdom
with such credentials I am amazed that I have no recollection of having heard of him before... Is his statue in Whitehall? That's the only think that's tugging at my mind...
Meredith - I don't know much about Lt. General Evans - just what I read. You'll notice that the photo is from the United States Library of Congress and he isn't part of my family history. I just thought it was an interesting photo and a fascinating story!
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Sir (George) De Lacy Evans
Sir De Lacy (George) Evans was born in 1787. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Sir (George) De Lacy Evans.
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My father's side is full blood Sicilian and my mother's side is a combination of Welsh, Scottish, German and a few other European cultures. One of my more colorful (ahem black sheep) family members came over on the Mayflower. He was among the first to be hanged in the New World for a criminal offense he made while onboard the ship.
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