Watkins, Adams Co., Colorado - 1915 (002)

Updated Aug 24, 2022
Kelly Sullivan shared a photo
on Dec 18, 2016 6:29 PM
A photo of Watkins, Adams Co., Colorado - 1915 (002) - this is the far right of the original photo, and was the Stage coach stop in Watkins, Colorado. bet. 1960's - 1970's it was a Liquor store, and some time in the 70's the second floor burnt up, I do not know if they tore it down at that time or only demolished the top half.

If anyone has an idea if this was torn down in the 1970's or survived longer, I would like to know.
Date & Place: at Watkins, Colorado - 1915 in Watkins, Adams County, Colorado 80137, United States

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