Zimmerman children

A photo of the Zimmerman children: Sam; Grandma Anna, m. Hertel; Robert; Otto; Benny

This picture was taken shortly before Grandma Anna, and Grandpa, Fred M. Hertel, were married. Grandma Anna was the oldest of the five kids. The Germans did love their cars.
Date & Place: Unknown
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N Hertel
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Brigitte Cherubini
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Brigitte Cherubini
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I can remember as close as the 60s, when peopple posed for the camera outdoors, it was always by the car.
Jul 16, 2016 · Reply
N Hertel
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Cars have always been a big thing in a person's life, especially their first car, but in the 20s, cars were still a fairly new invention, and they had just become inexpensive enough for middle income classes to own one. Lower middle income and the poor still couldn't afford them, so to own a car in those days was a real status symbol. This picture was taken in November 1925.
Jul 18, 2016 · Reply
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