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O'Toole Family Photos

Discover all of the known photos of the O'Toole family to add faces to the names of those ancestors in your O'Toole family tree.

A photo of Lucy (O'Toole) Glynn
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Lucy (O'Toole) Glynn
Jan 15, 1871 - June 1937
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Photo of Pat taken in front of the Soldier's memorial Bldg in St. Louis. Pat is the son of Erma and Phil O'Toole, old family friends of my parents.
Photo of Pat O'Toole in front of the USO building in St. Louis, MO.
Pat, son of Erma and Phil O'Toole, bike riding in Portland, Oregon.
Baby photo of Patrick 'Pat' O'Toole. Pat's parents were Erma and Phil O'Toole, good friends of my parents George and Connie Benning.
Young man standing in front of 152 Weldon Street, Rochester, New York.
Group of men in a camp-type location, believed to be in the New York area. It is believed man second from left in front row is Edward O'Toole, brother of my husband's father. The O'Tooles were from Waterville, Utica and Rochester, New York. Photo was found in effects of Richard and Gladys (Beck) O'Toole/Toole.
Group of men and boys with lake in background.
Unknown couple in convertible approximately 1920's to 1930's; country scene; lap robe over passenger door.
Woman in ornate cone-shaped hat, 3/4 length sleeve dress with high lace neck, sitting in wicker chair. We also have a photo of Georgiana Gladys Beck around 1906 at the age of approx. one, sitting in same kind of chair. Might be same era.
Pat O'Toole leaning on his prop plane. He writes on the back: must have had a good day flying!
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Pat O'Toole writes that this is a group of cadets from his squadron and the woman is the bus driver
Back of picture is stamped "secret" and says: S/Sgt Olson & myself at the Photo Lab.
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Erma Frohlick O'Toole, mother of Pat O'Toole, daughter of Anna Frohlick - plucking ducks!
Another view of Anna and children Erma and Walt Frohlick.
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Anna Frohlick with her son and daughter, Walt Frohlick and Erma Frohlick O'Toole.
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Pat O'Toole, son of Erma, riding a bike. Taken around 1933? The O'Tooles were Benning family friends.
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Pat O'Toole, probably taken at family picnic in 1932.
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A photo of Pat O'Toole, Lois Benning, and unknown friends at a family picnic in 1932. Perhaps in Oregon state.
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Lois Benning
Born: Jan 28, 1922
Erma O'Toole & her three friends Connie, Polly, and Amy at a family picnic, July 1932.
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A photo of Erma O'Toole, Helen Lucas, and Connie Benning: Three ladies hamming it up at a picnic with Erma's son, Pat, running in the background. Neat old cars!
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A photo of Connie Benning, Erma O'Toole, and Polly Llewellyn sitting outside the Benning home while George Benning works in the yard
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