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District Of Columbia

Browse the history of District Of Columbia through vintage photographs.

Richard was only 3 when he sadly perished from struggling from the disease called Celiac which he had at birth on January 14, 1944.
People in this photo:
Richard Dunbar Austin
Oct 18, 1940 - Jan 14, 1944
DC, United States
This horse-drawn fire truck photo was taken in Washington D.C. sometime between 1909 and 1932. Note that three horses were utilized to pull the weight of the fire hose, ladder, and driver. You can't really tell from this photo, but I believe that this design supported a small team of fire fighters towards the back of the carriage. The first fire engines were water pumps on wheels which men would manually push/pull to the emergency. Obviously, while inventive, this had major downfalls - including having very tired firemen! Once the firemen arrived at the fire, they would have to rest to catch their breath and prepare to fight the fire. Fire fighting was initially a fully volunteer organization. During the mid 1800's, paid firefighters were introduced and were given budgets where they could afford advancements in technology. Obviously, horses were heavily utilized and were initially used to transport ONLY the fire pumps. While this got the fire pump to the fire earlier, it did not solve the issues with transporting the firemen to the emergency. Over the years different solutions were tested, including steam powered fire engines that were introduced in the United Sates in New York 1841. However, steam powered fire trucks were not not quickly adapted given the unreliability and dangerous of steam. Therefore, most fire departments continued to utilize horses, including adding more horse power to allow firemen to also be carried on the fire truck. By the 1920s and 1930s the introduction of motorized fire trucks quickly began to replace all horse drawn fire trucks.
This photo, identified as "Lt. Cherry," is contained within a Civil War era photo album of pictures of my family members and what looks to be some of their friends of the time.
Photo taken by C.M. Bell on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.
May be Palmisano relative of Marie Palmisano Costanzo.
People in this photo:
Maria Concetta Costanzo
Born: Jun 2, 1889
We think this is Frank Leroy Litchfield and Carrie Lilly Williamson. The back of the picture says it was taken at Howard Photo Studio at 7th St. N.W. Washington D.C. Phone M 8361. The man has on a lapel stickpin, a ring and a tie tac, but I can't see what they are. The woman may be wearing a uniform, we have information that she may have worked at St.Elizabeth's mental hospital.
Written on the back it says, "Mrs. Chase, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year --Belle" Written in a different hand, it says "Belle Abrams Kline". The photo was taken in Washington DC.
People in this photo:
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