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About Patti's family: I have a twin brother named Michael Preston Frelick. I also have an older brother named Jon Frelick and two older sisters named Mary Rose Frelick Ziehm (Bunny - nick name) and Cheryl Ann Frelick Froude (Dutch - nick name). My father's name was Clements John Frelick. (1911-1991) His father's name was William John Frelick (Americanized from Froehlich, Germany) (1885-1967) (Born on 8 Feb 1885 in Germany) and died in 14 Jul 1967 San Diego, California). They made the Kresge/Woolworth's Department chain store signs in Detroit and Michigan. I believe they were in Onaway, Michigan for ten years before going back to Detroit. Both my father and grandfather worked with metals. My grandfather William moved to California when I was approximately 3 years old. He had come to visit and brought me a gift, a playsuit in yellow and white, lacey. I remember it was warm outside so it may have been the summer of 1953 or 1954. My grandfather's father came from Germany where he owned the Village Grainery but the Czar overthrew the Village and sent him and family to the America's with just the clothes on their back. I am related to; Mary Kennedy, Delores Rogers, Louise.,Evelyn Maher and Mildred Crabbe (Bloomfield Hills, Mi). My father was not good with keeping in touch with his sisters. My Aunt Mildred lived the closest. Living in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. We did keep in touch with my cousin William Walker, my father's nephew. He was blond, blue eyed. On my father's side, I am German and Polish. My father's mother, was from Poland and her name was Rose Wisniewski(1884-1942). They married June 20, 1905. She only spoke Polish. Born, 2 Sep 1884. I never knew my grandmother Rose. She passed before I was born. She passed the two days before my older brother Jon was born on December 16, 1942. So, my father spoke English, Polish and some German. I spoke German as a little girl. But, because no one spoke it in my immediate family, I lost the training I received in school. My grandmothers father's name was John Wisniewski. My great grandfather's father's name was John Frelick (Froehlich). My grandmother - Mary Elizabeth Preston. She passed in 1975. I married Richard Cameron Saunders in March that year and the night we left for Florida I gave my wedding bouquet to my dear grandmother while she was in the hospital knowing I may not see her again. Richard and I moved to Tampa, Florida. Richard was an Ocean Geologist / Engineer and he had government grants for studies on the Red Tide in the Florida Gulf Coast. From some of the threads I have read regarding my family name - Froehlich, is a surname included in records of Ashkenaz Jew (Germany) geneology. I have no known claim.

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