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Laura Hatch About my Memer (in more Detail): Doris, never knew who her biological father was for sure. On her birth certificate, it has Charles Roy Henley listed as her biological father. Her mother was Matilda Y Fanny, daughter of Alexina Proulx and Emery Fanny.
Doris Henley was born in August 1926. Charles Henley married Matilda Fanny on Dec 5th 1925 and their marriage was Annulled by the church (erased in the eyes of the Catholic church) before Doris was born and divorced shortly after the birth of Doris in 1926.
There is a great deal of speculation about, who Matilda conceived her first-born child with, being unmarried at the age of 22. There might have been some premarital hanky panky going between Matilda and Charles. This seems rather unlikely though because according to local rumors, Matilda had an affair with a married man named Thomas Cronin (I was originally told his name was John Cronin, but all of the historical data says his name is Thomas A Cronin, son of Patrick J Cronin and Annie Mcmahon originally from Cork, Ireland but relocated to Lowell, Massachusetts after 4 out of 5 of their children were born.)
. Thomas was married to Matilda’s Maternal second cousin, Eva Guilmont.
If having an affair with your second cousin's husband is not "bad" enough in the 1920'a, she got pregnant by him and then, to make matters even worse, in 1925 (the year that Matilda got pregnant) Thomas left his wife, 3 young children and family and never saw them again. Four years’ after Thomas' disappeared Eva got a divorce from Thomas granted to her from the state of NH on the grounds of Abandonment. Thomas' whereabouts after 1925 are still unknown. It seems to some that Matilda might of told Tomas about her pregnancy and Thomas decided to take off rather than take responsibility for his actions.
If Matilda did have an affair with Cronin, which conceived Doris, than Matilda might of married Charles Henley under false pretenses. She might have been hoping that the incompatibility of the dates of her marriage to Charles and the birth of the baby would go unnoticed by Charles and/or others. Maybe Matilda had hoped Charles would assume all responsibility for her child, though it did not work out that way. Charles could have thought that, the child Matilda was carrying was his, but after the baby was born, much earlier than Charles could have possibly conceived her that would be a way to explain how/why Charles and Matilda got an annulment and a divorce. Charles might of made it a point to get the marriage annulled by the church because he knew he wasn't Doris' biological father. Assuming the role of her father on a legal document is a lie, which is a sin to Catholics. To dissolve the sin, they got the marriage annulled by the church (as if the marriage never happened) would then clear him of the sin, in gods eyes. That might explain the reason why Doris was given the last name Henley at her birth. The reason for the whole marriage in the first place could have been to save Matilda from having her unwanted child out of wedlock (a sin) or to save Matilda from further embarrassment. Just Maybe, Matilda did not know who Doris' father really was. There is so much room for speculation. Shortly after the divorce, Charles and Matilda went their separate ways. Charles' second marriage was not until 1933.
Matilda's second marriage was not until Jan 1929 to Arthur E Rivard. Matilda and Arthur E's first son, named Arthur H. was born in May of 1929, so Matilda and Arthur E. must have conceived Arthur H. before they were married. Maybe that is also what occurred to conceive Doris as well, between Charles Henley and Matilda, a child conceived before marriage.
Matilda’s mother, Alexina Proulx, raised Doris. Doris went through a great deal of emotional and Physical abuse by her grandparents. She grew up shunned by family members, almost as if she was at fault for being born. Doris met and fell in love with a terrific man named Alcide Fanny. It has been said by many, that Alcide was Doris' hero. After he was finished fighting for the United States in World War II, he married Doris, saving her from her nightmarish life. She used to say that as a child, she was treated like "Cinderella" and she told many stories of grief and despair. The abuse caused Doris a lot of depression and anxiety. She was over-medicated for various psychiatric disorders for most of her adult life. The medication did more harm than good to her body. Doris had unemotional and un-nurturing behaviors towards her own children and even grandchildren. Alcide tried so hard to make up where she lacked socially and parental. Sometimes Doris would have to be admitted into psychiatric treatment facility to undergo treatments and Doris’ children had to be cared for by other close family because Alcide needed to work to take care of his family. Doris had a very tough time finding the right medication to help her severe depression.
Later in Doris' life, she became acquainted with and developed close relationships with Thomas Cronin's exe wife and his other children Rose and John. Doris thought of them as her part of her family. Even Doris' children thought of them as family. 'It's been said "Thomas's daughter resembled Doris allot." Thomas' children stayed in Doris' life. Doris' kids never met Charles Henley but they referred to him as "grampa”. Doris had never met Charles Henley or Thomas Cronin. She had always known Matilda and Arthur E. Rivard's kids as her brothers and sisters. Matilda's sisters, Doris' aunts were also friendly with Doris in her adult life though they explained that Matilda had told them who Doris’ biological father was, but they had promised never to say, with the intention to keep the promise, and that they did. Doris never knew who her biological father was.

By Laura A Hatch Date written 9/22/2013
I am the daughter of Louise Fanny, grandchild of Doris Henley and Alcide Fanny.

I got some of this info from Close family members and from memories of Doris herself, but I was able to pick up a lot of pieces of this puzzle through various other on Ancestry sites.

9/30/2013 I just got back, some of my Ancestry DNA results and I only see stuff regarding the Henley family so far. Hmmm I do not know… My Hatch related Ancestry might have gotten in the way because I am finding other relations to people with both Hatch relations such as the Carr family and Henley’s together and when I do a dna surname search for Cronin in usa, I do find some results to a John, Michael, and Catherine Cronin about 130 years back. Well, the results are still coming in……………..

Update.. I had my mom do a AncestryDNA test, so we could figure things out more and Yup my grandmother's father is Thomas Augustus Cronin. She did not have any Henley, besides Doris in her DNA, but she did have Cronin. Henley must have been in my dad's DNA.
Mar 04, 2014 · Reply

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