Glenn Roy Beaver Jr. (born 1981)






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Glenn Roy Beaver Jr.
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Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller My family and I lived in White Oaks Apts. in Mableton, Ga. when Glenn was born. I am 11 years older than he is. I feed him and babied him and treated him like my baby dolls. lol I changed him one day and carried him in my arms to go take his dirty diaper to the trash can and with him in my arms and went around the corner towards the kitchen I felt my elbow hit the corner wall and thought the whole time I hit his head on the corner wall also and I started to ball with tears thought I truly hurt him. My uncle Lee had to go get my mom which she was next door with a neighbor Shirley Beckwith place. She asked Lee what was wrong and uncle Lee said Glenn's ok but he was worried about me because he couldn't get me to stop crying.

I also remember another time changing him and he peed right in my ear. ggrrr!
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller When I got about the 15 years of age, I started to pay my brother to keep his mouth shut so he wouldn't rat on me when I snuck out of the house to go meet up with my boyfriend when he was 5 years old. haha
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller I remember him over eating a lot of jellybeans at grandma beaver's house as she was watching him and he got sick, so grandma had to call mom to go pick him up to take him to ER. We lived on Ada St. in Blue Ridge, Ga. at that time. I was 14 years old then and at home packing up getting ready to move back to cobb county.
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller Our mom used to be a night owl and sleep all day. I had a hard time trying to keep him in the house while I went to school. Some days I had to miss school just to stay home to babysit him. I got so mad at mom for not waking up and watching him while I went to school. I wanted to go to school just to get a brake from home. hahaha gez.
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller He would follow me everywhere.Write a comment...
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller Another memory I have of my brother Glenn was we wanted to go to six flags in Atlanta, Ga. We lived in Stockbridge at this time I already had 4 of my children and Glenn was about 16 back then so I drove him and his lil' girlfriend and my oldest daughter and some of Glenns friends in my parents mini van so after a day of fun at six flags it was pure dark out after midnight driving him I look in the rearview mirror and seen his girlfriends head bobing up and down from the headlights behind the van and I went into a mother mode with my brother and started yelling at him and her with other people in the car. Thank God my daughter didn't see that. I dropped her off at her house first she pleaded with me not to tell on her.So no I didn't tell her parents, but I sure did tell our parents. my folks laughed their heads off. I asked them if they gonna punish Glenn for getting a blowjob and they said I did a fine job of doing that for them. I couldn't believe my ears from them.

It's funny now, the girl grew up to be a lawyer. I feel bad now. Poor Glenn.
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply

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