Helen Ricci (1917 - 2006)

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Born November 27, 1917 in New York, Bronx County, New York
Died July 13, 2006 at 88 years old. The cause of death is listed as: Cancer
Sources U.S. Social Security Death Index and 1 AncientFaces Member
Compared to other Riccis
Helen lived 16.9 years longer than the average Ricci.

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  • U.S. Social Security Death Index
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New York, Bronx County, New York
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St. Patrick's Cathedral,
460 Madison Avenue, New York, NY


Hunter College and the New School in NYC


Owned antique shop and art gallery - sold antiques and art- and worked for the New School

Military Service

raised money during the war


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Cause of death


Burial / Funeral

at Daughters Apt,
Chinese Box - On Shelf, Santa Monica, California County


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Last Known Residence

New York, New York County, New York

Given name



Ricci family history




Italian/ American


Catholic to Atheist




If only my Mom had actually liked herself- and come from a family that valued women. Instead, unable to admit her vulnerability -she married the wrong man for her- my Dad- and never fully realized her own potential - but did a lot anyway- despite a world that didn't care one bit about her- the way it treats most beautiful women without a good family to protect them and a real sense of self esteem-

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Family History

Helen Ricci (1917 - 2006) was born on November 27, 1917 in New York, Bronx County, New York. She was born into the Ricci family.

She was baptized at St. Patrick's Cathedral, 460 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. Helen died on July 13, 2006 at 88 years old. Her family lists the cause of death as: cancer. She was buried on August 2006 in Daughters Apt, Chinese Box - On Shelf, Santa Monica, California County.

Helen Ricci's last known residence is at NYC, New York, New York County, New York.

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My Mother was a beautiful, warm talented person who was filled with passion for art and life- she was a great cook and had a truly generous heart- she was too modest and always trusted the wrong men- especially at the end when she was abused and robbed by her mentally diseased nephew who let her fall over and over- never fulfilled his obligations to the state of NY and robbed her estate from her disabled daughter- the rest of her family stood there and let it happen as did the daughters own lawyers and finally - some small compensation was won- I look back at my Mom's life- and see it was equal parts very wonderful and giving and so filled with love of art and life- and then, like so many women- treated so badly by her narcissist husband- my Dad- and her miserable family - her two miserable brothers- her other sibling were good but couldn't save themselves much less her- I believe her brother Pat and sisters tried- the miserable thief who pre-meditated the robbing of her estate should be in jail- were there any justice for people without money - he would be- I learned a lot trying to find any organization set up to stop elder abuse and right the wrongs of thieves and lousy lawyers- there are none - what a shame- my Mom died alone in a non- private room with a paid aide holding her hand- while her nephew - Robert L Ricci- robbed her blind before the body was even cold- I could not be there due to my disability and inability to travel- for three months =not one of the great family she was so good to- whom she made a million meals for and gave a house full of art and jewelry much less money to - could bother to get there to say good-bye to her- not one- and she was even willing to pay their tickets- this miserable woman hating thief Robert lL Ricci - refused to tell anyone that - after she died - he put me through hell for a year and a half while he spent and squandered every dime he could- watch out - the lesson of my Mom's modest life is simple- men rip women off - don't let them- My Mom left me with a house full of art and a passion for so many things- her beauty and joy for so many things is in my heart- i would give anything on earth for one more hour with her- one walk down 5th Avenue at Christmas- she was so modest and so appreciative- and so wrong about men- learn women- meanwhile this miserable thieving woman hater sits - no conscience no attempts to right his wrongs- this was how her life ended- if I'd have been there - it would not have happened- let this be a lesson to all- be careful-=

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