Herbert Allen Daniels (1854 - 1935)




Port Washington


Kendall, Dade County


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Anna Daniels My Great Grandfather was Herbert Allen Daniels. He was born August 4,1854 in Port Washington, Wisconsin. He died October 11,1935 in Kendall, Dade County, Miami, Florida. He was married to: Mary Virginia Collar who was born: December 1868 in Minnesota and she died: July 1955 in Key West,Florida. They had 4 boys as follows:
1). Merlyn C. Daniels
Born: October 28,1898
Died: June 1967 in Wisconsin
2). Percy Allen Daniels
Born: 1902 in Minnesota
Died: February 10, 1980 in LaMesa, SanDiego, California
Spouse: Ellen Carol Carlson
Born: 1903
Died: July 1973
Children of Percy & Ellen:
Marlyn E. Daniels
Born: 1924
3). Harold Vernon Daniels
Born: March 2, 1904 in Minnesota
4). Robert Maynard Daniels
Born: November 7, 1907 in St.Cloud, Minnesota
Died: February 16,1986 in Key West,Florida
Spouse: LaDorna Louise Saunders
Born: January 25,1912 in Key West,Florida
Died: November 17, 1984 in Boulder, Colorado
Father: Thomas Franklin Saunders
Born: Sept 22,1884 in the Bahamas
Died: March 31,1950 in Key West,Florida
Mother: Ella Louise Barclay Cleare
Born: in the Bahamas
Died: 1925 in Key West,Florida
Robert & LaDorna had 2 children:
1) Frank Allen Maynard Daniels
Born: January 2,1930 in Coral Gables,Florida
Spouse:Jacquelyn June Daniels
Born: April 18,1934 in Denver,Colorado
Died: January 29,1997 in Denver,Colorado

2). Mary Daniels
Born: January 29,1931 in Coral Gables,Florida
Died: January 31,1931 in Coral Gables,Florida

My Great Great Grandfather was Allen Enos Daniels. He was born May 5, 1818 in St.Lawrence, Newyork and died May 15,1879 in Watseka,Illinois in Iroquois County.
He married Elsie Ann Pidge on November 21,1848. She was born: May 13,1828 in French Creek,New York and she died: January 17,1917 in North Star Cemetary, Stearns County, Minnesota
Elsie's Father was Benjamin Pidge.

Children of Allen Enos & Elsie Ann Daniels:
1). Charles Avery Daniels
Born: August 1,1857 in Port Washington, Wisconsin
Died: November 4,1930 in Pecos, SanMiguel, New Mexico
2). George Byron Daniels
Born: January 23,1850 in Port Washington,Wisconsin
Spouse; Effie Mae Sneed
3). James Delor Daniels
Born: April 14,1853 in Wisconsin
Died: December 28,1894 in Middleport,Iroquois,Illinois
Spouse: Mary Lavinia Sherrill
Born: 1855
Died: 1912
James & Mary had the following children:
A). Charles Adney Daniels
born: 1879 in Illinois
Died: Dec.1968 in Watseka,Iroquois,Illinois
Spouse: Ina May Gillespie
Born: 1891 in Iroquois,Illinois
Died: April 7,1976 in Watseka,Illinois
B). Henry Allen Daniels
Born: January 12,1876 in Iroquois,Illinois
Died: October 29,1912 in Middleport, Illinois
Spouse: Marie Clauson
C). Jennie May Daniels
Born: September 9, 1877 in Iroquois, Illinois
Died: November 1946 in LaPorte,Laporte,Indiana
Spouse: George Standish
D). Edith Viola Daniels
Born: June 15,1882 in Iroquois,Illinois
Died: September 3, 1962
Spouse: Francis Wilson
E). Oscar Daniels
Born: April 1,1885 in Iroquois, Illinois
Died: 1953 in Miami, Dade County, Florida
Spouse: Emma Stozen Dach

4). Herbert Allen Daniels
Born: August 8,1854 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, Wisconsin
Died: October 11,1935 in Kendall, Dade County, Miami, Florida
Spouse: Mary Virginia Collar
5). Helen Pidge Daniels
Born: March 1,1860
Died: February 1,1965 in Miami, Dade County, Florida
Spouse: Frank Ivanhoe Stiles
Born: 1859
Died: 1938
6). Emma Genevieve Daniels
Born: July 21,1863
Spouse: James W. Campbell
7). Arthur William Daniels
Born: 1866 in Illinois
Spouse: Henrietta Gagnon
Born: 1872
8).Florence Viola Daniels
Born: April 21,1872
Spouse: James Porter

My Great Great Great Grandfather was Nahum Daniels. He was born 1765 in Mendon,Massachusetts. He died Sept 29,1852 in Poland,New York. He was married to: Susan Enos who was born: June 13,1784 and she died July 10,1858.
They had the following children:
1). Byron G. Daniels
II).Margaret Daniels
Spouse: Phiranda Butterfield
Born:May 1818 in New York
They had the following children:
1).Adelaide Butterfield
Born:December 1844 in New York
2).Henry Butterfield
3).Clinton Butterfield
Born: June 1847 in New York
Spouse:Frankie Johnstone
Born: 1854 in New York
Died: 1900
They had the following children:
a).Minnette Butterfield
Born: 1874 in Illinois
b).Bernice Butterfield
Born: June 1877 in Illinois
4) Frank Butterfield
III).Martha E. Daniels
Spouse: Westley Vincent
Born: 1818 in New York
Children of Westley & Martha Vincent:
A).Ida Vincent
B).Rolla Vincent
IV).Sarah Daniels
Spouse;Charles McCormick
V).Orville Daniels
Born: April 17,1807 in Illion,Herkimer,New York
Died: September 26,1891
Spouse: Sarah Loretta Ransom
Born: June 4,1820 in Hoosick Falls,Ranssealaer,New York
Died: June 14,1914
Father: Newton Ransom
Mother: Rosanna
Children of Orville & Sarah Daniels:
1). Ada Daniels
Spouse: Ager
2).James Leary Daniels

3). Nahum Wilson Daniels
Born: January 11,1850
Died: June 16,1930 in Hammond,St.Lawrence,New York
Spouse: Bertha Anne Snow
Born: 1864
Died: 1945
Father: William Wallace Snow
born: 1834
died: April 10,1863
Mother:Elizabeth Stacy
Born: 1837 in Canada
Died: July 9,1876 in H,New York
Children of Nahum & Bertha Daniels
1). E.Roland Daniels
Born: 1901 in New York
Died: February 27,1993 in Ogdensburg,Saint Lawrence, NewYork
Spouse: Grace Mayer
Born: 1901
Children of E.Roland & Grace Daniels
A). Living Daniels
B). Shirley Daniels
Born: 1923 in Hammond, St.Lawrence,NewYork
Died: February 2, 1995 in Alexandria Bay,Jefferson New York

2). Loudon Kerr Daiels
Born: November 2, 1895
Died: September 1978 in St.Lawrence,New York
Spouse: Alice Brown
Born: 1894
Died: 1957
Father: John G. Brown
children of Loudon & Alice Daniels:
1). Barbara Brown Daniels
Born: March 30,1919
Died: September 9,1994 in Massena,St.Lawrence,New York
Spouse: Sterling Kent
Born: March 1, 1920
Died: September 1986

3). Ransom J. Daniels
Born: 1896 in New York
Died: June 1984
Spouse: Agnes Aurilla Brown
Born: 1897
1). Living Daniels
2). Phyllis E. Daniels - Born: 1920
3). Ransom J. Daniels - Born 1923

4). Eliza A. Daniels
Born: 1898
Died: December 3, 1997 in Watertown, Jefferson,New york
Spouse; Merrill Woodside Demick
Born: 1893 in New York
Died: February 1967
Father: George H. Demick
Born: November 7, 1858
Died: November 4, 1935
Mother: Margaret Wilson
Died: March 18,1927
children of Merrill & Eliza Demick:
1). Donald Demick
Born: 1920

5). Lois Daniels
born: 1905
Spouse: Morris Paddock
born: August 5, 1904
died: September 1894

VI). Susan Daniels
Born: 1819 in Mendon,Worcester,Massachusetts
Died: January 29,1883
Spouse: Partridge Morse
Born: July 25, 1808
Father: Abel Morse
Born: 1766,in Douglas,Massachusetts
Died: September 20, 1803 in Douglas, Massachusetts
Mother: Rebecca Brown
Born: 1768
Died: 1809 in Douglas, Massachusetta
Children of Partridge & Susan Morse:
A). Hobart Abel Morse
Born: June 25, 1844 in Hammond, St.Lawrence, New York
Died: April 5, 1931
Spouse: Elizabeth Anna Dorwin
Born: February 24,1845
Died: February 11,1939
B). Mary Eugenia Morse
Born: November 2,1841
Died: April 7,1848 in Hammond, St.Lawrence, NewYork
C). Mariah J. Morse
Born: September 3, 1831
D). Jane M. Morse
Born: 1833
Spouse: Edward Archibald
Born: 1828
Children of Edward & Jane Archibald
a). John Archibald - born: 1851
b). Frank M. Archibald - born: 1852
E). Helen Julie Morse
Born: April 25, 1834
Died: May 1, 1894
F). Martha F. Morse
Born: July 15, 1836
G). Francis Morse
Born: 1837
Spouse: Peter McGrady
Born: Canada
Children of Peter & Francis McGrady:
1). Edward McGrady
Born: 1868 in New York
VII). Nahum G. Daniels
Born: 1815
Died: 1849 in Stockton, SanJoaquin,California
VIII). Mary Jane Daniels
Born: 1820 in New York
Spouse: J.Addison Brown
Children of J.Addison & Mary Jane Brown:
a). Annette Brown
b). Frances Brown
c). Ada Brown - Born: 1849 in New York
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