Jose Maria Espinoza (1911 - 1935)

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Born 1911
Died 1935 at 24 years old.
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Compared to other Espinozas
Jose lived 40.5 years shorter than the average Espinoza.

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Michoacan, Mexico






My name is Lucy Curiel I am searching for Any Information regarding my Grand Father Jose Maria Espinoza who was from Tanhuato, Michoacan, Mexico. He was married to Catalina DeLaTorre. His Father's name was Celso Espinoza and his Mother was Francisca Arellano. I believe he died in 1935 in Mexicali. They had a son by the name of Rodolpho Espinoza and a Daughter Virginia Espinoza Who both died between 1931 and 1934. My Mother was born in 1934 she was named after her sister Virginia Espinoza . My Mother was I believe a year old when her Father (Jose maria Espinoza) died.The photos Attached are of Jose Maria Espinoza and the other of Catalina De La Torre with Rodolpho and Virginia Espinoza. He also had a sister named Margarita Espinoza Maron, married to Refugio Maron

Would also like to know when~Why they died and where they were laid to rest?
Mi nombre es Lucy Curiel Estoy buscando cualquier información relacionada con mi Gran Padre José María Espinoza, que era de Tanhuato, Michoacán, que estaba casado con Catalina DeLaTorre. El nombre de su Padre era Celso Espinoza y su madre era Francisca Arellano. Yo creo que él murió en el 1935 en Mexicali. Tuvieron un hijo con el nombre de Rodolfo Espinoza y una hija Virginia Espinoza que murieron entre 1931 y 1934. Mi madre nació en el año 1934 fue nombrada después de que su hermana Virginia Espinoza. Mi madre estaba Creo que un año de edad cuando su padre (José María Espinoza) died.The fotos adjuntas son de José María Espinoza y el otro de Catalina De La Torre con Rodolfo Espinoza y Virginia. También tenía una hermana llamada Margarita Espinoza Maron, casado con Refugio Maron

También me gustaría saber cuándo ~ ¿Por qué murieron y dónde fueron enterrados?

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Family History

Jose Maria Espinoza (1911 - 1935) was born in 1911. He was born into the Espinoza family.

He died in 1935 at 24 years old.

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