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Lautenslager family history

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June 19, 2015 3:36 pm

Family History

Lautenslager was born into the Lautenslager family.

Family Tree & Genealogy

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Unknown Lautenslager Unknown married unknown about April 1930. They had two children: Not Known Lautenslager, born about 1900, somewhere, USA, and No Name Lautenslager, born about 1900, anywhere, USA.

They lived at 123 Any Street, Anywhere, USA. The dwelling was in the city of No Name, USA.

About 1900, everyone attended a grand event celebration that was held at a restaurant Go There to Eat, in Anywhere, USA.

In late 1900, something happened to Lautenslager, and he went Somewhere. Unknown Lautenslager arrived to visit Lautenslager everyday. They died somewhere in the USA.

Lautenslager left somewhere and never returned. He also died somewhere in the USA.
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