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Wonda Moore I was too young to ever fully understand, all i knew was that u were asleep and nevr to awake again. I remember how u use to bend over while u were standin up so that u could pick me up to swing me up to the ceiling. I cant say that i remember when u were killed. All i know is that day changed every ones life in our family. Especially mine. I miss u more than u will ever know. U were more than a cousin to me. U were like a big brother and a father all rolled up into one. When that person rook u away from me, they didnt know how much u meant to me and what my heart would yern for years to come. If they did think it throughthey didntcare about their life yours or mine or any one elses in our family at the time. If they havethought about lately, its much too late yo ask for our forgiveness. We cant forget and it still causes our hearts so much pain. U have missed out onyour life and those in your family. I wish every day that u were here to laugh play and orotect me and the family. It hurts in more way than one could imagine losing a friend cousin brother and father figure. Whenthat person took u from me they may have well taken my whole life. Thats how it feels sometimes. I missu soooo muc. I love u more than u will ever have gotten the chance to know. I want your story to be told. U gave me so much love cousinand i will always love u and never forget it. U are and were the best man i have ever known. My heart yerns and longs to have u back.i remember standing by your casket veiwing youbody. It was just u and me. If i knew then i would have tried to bring u back.but i didnt understand that u would never teturn again to hold me and swing me like u use to. Now i cry and i wish u were here. Only if i would have understood then what i do now.i would have tried to go with u. A peice of me left when u lefted. The family never explained or told me that u were gone forever. I wish they would have though. If i ever have kids no mater how young they are im going to explain death to to them. I dont ever want to have them feel how i feel at the last minute. It takes a sudden hurtful toll when u least expect it after it really sinks in. U have a nephew named after y. He looks like u too. U would think u had a son. Cousin i know u were a great man and u are watching over me and the family and i just want to say thank u. U are an amzing man. One of honor to me. I love u always cousin. U are my heart and i still nreath u. I love marcellnakuru bouie forever and always u will be my heart. Kisses cousin and rest in peace
Jan 04, 2014 · Reply

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