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Melissa Sherrey Beaver Petrey Beller Memories of Shane by his sis!I do remember defending him from neighborhood kids who wanted to fight him and try to take away his toys. We live in a huge orange apts. in Atlanta, Ga. Across the street from the federal prison and I fought a black boy to protect my brother and many other places where we had to live.
I didn't only defend him from neighborhood kids, but also from our parents too a lot of times as well as he defending me a few times from them too.
We had to share bedrooms as kids due to mom's choices of living areas. Shane was a messy house keeper as a kid. I stayed mad at him when he didn't clean up after himself growing up. He was a very hyper kid. He wore out big wheels like crazy. Dad bought a racecar set and he would tare that part and rebuild it. He brake apart his electronic video games and leave a mess too and when he got older he would steal and hide dad's porn books and hide them in his room. He and I would throw pine cones at each other because we were bored to death. We also would take the furniture flip it upside down throw blankets over it to build a hut in doors of our house. when he was younger he would act like he's superman act like he can fly and jumping off furniture.
I remembered bein so worried about him when we lived in Twin Oak m.h.p. in Mableton, Ga. and he broke his arm like a v shape. I panic and started screaming and went to go get mom and uncle Lee and mom drove him to ER. That was scary to see.
I remembered him having problems sleep walking. Once we lived on HURT RD. in an apts. on second floor. Shane was sleep walking and I yelled for help and mom got up to see what Shane was doing she grabbed him and yelled at him to wake up. He thought the window was a door. That was dangerous.
I remembered mom and Shane got into a bad argument and he walked to my house after I got married the first time. He walked along way to get to my house. He was so tired, and he asked to stay the night. I tried to get him to sleep on my sofa but he choose the floor to sleep. I felt so bad for him. I lived n Elllijay, Ga. at that time and they lived in Mineral Bluff, Ga. a house with no in door plumbling for a bathroom.
He was 14 or 15 years old then.
1991, I was in the hospital having Victoria my third daughter.
I was in huge pain. He slept on a cold floor at my room door. He would get up to ask if I was ok. I remember him asking about me. That was sweet of him. I won't forget that.
I also remember right after my first daughter I was in the bathroom at my parents
and I yelled at my first husband who was also in the bathroom with me at the time and my brother heard me yell and mom had to stop him from coming into the bathroom to fight Tim my husband at the time.
Dec 11, 2013 · Reply

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