Ovie Lawson (1898 - 1986)

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Born June 17, 1898
Died September 1986 at 88 years old.
Source U.S. Social Security Death Index
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Compared to other Lawsons
Ovie lived 19.3 years longer than the average Lawson.

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  • U.S. Social Security Death Index


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Last Known Residence

Ringgold, Catoosa County, Georgia

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February 25, 2014 6:24 am

Family History

Ovie Lawson (1898 - 1986) was born on June 17, 1898. Ovie was born into the Lawson family.

Ovie died in September 1986 at 88 years old.

Ovie Lawson's last known residence is at Ringgold, Catoosa County, Georgia.

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Jeffrey Lawson After 40 years working for the railroads, my grandfather, O.N. Lawson, and my grandmother Carrie, "retired" to a small farm in rural Ringgold, Georgia. I have fond memories of visiting their home as a child. They always had cows, and there was a pond between my grandparents' house and the next closest neighbor. My grandmother passed away when I was a boy, but I remember visiting my grandfather until he was in his late 80's. He kept a garden that was about a half-acre in size. We took some produce to an older family one day. The husband and wife were both in their nineties, but they weren't very active. That visit re-defined the meaning of "young" for me.
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20 Records of Ovie Lawson

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