Peggy (Gillespie) Pelton (1945 - 2014)

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Born January 1, 1945
Died July 31, 2014 at Lebanon, Russell County County, VA at 69 years old. The cause of death is listed as: Heart Attack
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Compared to other Gillespies
Peggy lived 1.3 years shorter than the average Gillespie.

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at Russell County Medical Center,
58 Carroll St, Lebanon, Russell County, VA
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Cause of death

Heart Attack


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I miss my Mom so much, it's so hard to believe she is really gone. =*( She loved genealogy so much, was very active with it before she started to get really sick a few years ago. I forgot about her Ancient Faces account, until I Googled her name tonight.

She had been sick with Addison's Disease and COPD/Emphysema for several years. She fell very sick on the 2nd week of July 2014, had a heart attack. She suffered at least one more heart attack, possibly 2, but the last was fatal. =( She also had a stroke during this time, and they found an aneurysm on her brain that they thought may have bled a little.

I miss her, and it's hard to believe I will never have another conversation with her again.
Love you so much Mom.

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Peggy Pelton was a loving wife to the late Gary Lee Pelton Sr (RIP 2/1/96), and wonderful Mother to 3 children:

Gary Lee Pelton, Jr.; 12/6/61-1/13/2010
Neil Todd Pelton; 5/31/66
Sasha Priscillia Pelton; 2/7/80

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Family History

Peggy (Gillespie) Pelton (1945 - 2014) was born on January 1, 1945. She was born into the Gillespie family and married into the Pelton family.

She died on July 31, 2014 at Russell County Medical Center, 58 Carroll St, Lebanon, Russell County, VA at 69 years of age. Her family lists the cause of death as: heart Attack.

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