Addie Bell Beeler Jr., Kentucky

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Addie Bell BEELER Jr., the daughter of Addie Bell BEELER Sr. and Sherman BEELER, was born on February 17, 1910 in Okalona, Jefferson County, Kentucky, exactly two years before her brother, Bishop Charles T. BEELER was born. Addie Bell married on June 27, 1936 in Louisville, Kentucky, to Isham Berry SPENCER. They had nine children together: Isham Berry Jr., Rosie May, Daisy Louise, James Harrison, Floyd Thomas, Daniel Paul, Jacob Franklin, Mary Evelyn, and Ruth Lucille.

The family attended Bethel Temple in Louisville, Kentucky, under Bishop Douglas, where Addie was baptized as a child. In 1963, they joined Christ Temple Apostolic Church under Bishop Robert L. Little.

The family lived at 9309 Nat'l Turnpike in Fairdale, Kentucky for many years. After Isham died on January 20, 1990, Addie Bell moved to 4100 Clyde Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40216.

Addie Bell is still alive today, March 01, 2013, and is 103 years old.
in Louisville, Jefferson County, KY


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