Adolph, Bill, and Bob Behlen Behlen family photo
Brian Behlen

Adolph, Bill, and Bob Behlen

2 brothers and dad at the company oil field

About William F Behlen

He had a sincerity about him that cannot be described, only felt. His intelligence surpassed most, and his logic nearly all. He had passion for the things that touched his soul and cared little for anything else. His family, music, golf, literature, and philosophy. He was an excellent clarinet and piano player/composer. My fondest memory, from the short time we shared together, is laying on his stomach listening to classical music. He would describe and explain what each instrument was playing, and that no matter how small or soft of a part, it was just as important as any. That lesson has stuck with me and I have applied it to every aspect of my life. There is no such thing as insignificance. "Quiet Excellence" ...more info

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Adolph, Bill, and Bob Behlen

William F Behlen

Born: Sep 17, 1954
Died: Mar 9, 1997 (age 42) in Tijuana, Mexcio
Cause: Colon Cancer

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