Alice & Alice M. (Crowley) McGarraghy, 1922

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1922 Alice M. Mcgarraghy (maiden name Alice M.Gilmartin ) & daughter Alice Mae McGarraghy, age 2, (aka Alice Mae Crowley 7/9/1919 - 8/14/1999 ) In front of their home at 960 Portland ave. Rochester,NY. Photo taken just before their voyage back to family in Drimfad,Sligo,Ireland. 1922. Along with her husband Thomas J.McGarraghy Sr. Travel to visit both family's because Thomas's fathers' had recently died.
John McGarraghy is listed on the passport as having passed away in 1921. To visit Thomas's grieving Mother, also to visit Alice's Mother Mary Gilmartin (maiden name Feeney. The mother of her mother was Mary Feeney who married Michael Gilmartin. All of the family's lived in the same area of South Cliffony/Drumfad/Moneygold/Rathfrask all part of the county of Sligo,Ireland. Alice's family of both sides : The Gilmartin farm adjoined the Feeney Farm. Then also next door land just north of their farm! Adjoined by the McGarraghy Farm and his Mothers family farm, maiden name of his mother of Thomas McGarraghy was the Kelly Family Farm. All four families forced to pay rent to British invader's, yes all paid a tithe/Monthly Rent on farmlands that had been their's. For decades! One was an Earl of a town in England . The other was the Vicount of Palmerston,UK. He took over most of the Gilmartin Farm, building a huge mansion estate,that still exists today.
Some of the Gilmartin and Feeny children were forced to be servant's and maids for The Vicount of Palmerston's Sligo estate on their land. Also some of the family are shown to owned land on the west coastline of Drumfad area. A town were The Earl of Burma aka Lord Montbatten, a member of the British royal family!
Stole their seashore farm in the 1800's,
The IRA Killed Lord Montbatten in the 1970's on his Royal Yacht,as it was departing his massive estate on the families former lands. This is the man that Actually raised Prince Charles,son of Elizabeth II( Windsor )
monarchist England She did not raise her own son.
Nor did her husband, Who live mostly with his man servant.! Prince Charles father's name is Prince Philip formally of the Greek royal family. They were and are the original dysfunctional family. Princess Diana son William Prince William of Cambridge, has spoken of Compensating in some-way,for his past families sin's
Inflicted upon The People's of Ireland.
Throughout Ireland's history, being overrun by the British causing damaged beyond evil.
Caused by all of members of the British Monarchies,
Dear Tyranny, destruction ,degradation ,humiliation starvation,annihilation ,forced emigration over Ireland for decades and decades. As we now know,of the potato famine was not Starvation from loss of potatoes crops alone. The reason millions died ,was because the British came over to Ireland and took their livestock and anything of value form the native families of Ireland.
The British also took ,any Irish family's fishing boats.
Stolen at the begining of the Potato crop failure.
England's crops of potatoes were also dying out , Caused by the same fungus that it infected Ireland's potatoes . Having stolen Ireland's fishings boats to England , They weren't allowed to fish for the plentiful bounty in the sea ,right off the Irelans's coast.
That alone could've saved the Irish for starvation.
The British media, altered ireland and it peoples
So when you hear of the potato famine,remember the cause millions of dead in Ireland.
This nightmare also started the subsequent mass exodus of Ireland's children to flee to America
and Australia.
Nearly half of my relatives are in areas of Australia.
The majority are in towns such as,Perth to Melbourne to Sydney and beyond. McGarraghy,Gilmartin are common surnames in Australia.
at 960 Portland Ave Rochester,New York., Rochester, Monroe County, New York United States of America


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