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Alice M. McGarraghy aka: Alice M. Feeny (Gilmartin) Mcgarraghy. born:1889 Moneygold, Drumfad, Sligo county, Ireland. Death: 1966 in Rochester, New York. Maiden name Alice M. Gilmartin of ,Drumfad, Ireland. She Married: Thomas J.McGarraghy Rochester New York. Location and date of photo, as well as names of other people not offered by the submitter.

My grandfather found her,about 1917. While visiting his brother James McGarraghy, they visited the famous Duffy Powers Department store. There he saw on display, Alice showing/teaching the Fine Art of Lace working called "cruel work" truly Intricate patterns of lace designs. The Duffy Powers building was a modern marvel of its day. Fireproof, tallest building of its day. On Main st. Rochester, New York. Original headquarters of Western Union, that became American Express. Original Headquarters of World Famous "The Harper Method."
Martha Matilda Harper has recently been accepted as the Mother inventor of the business of "modern Franchising."
FYI: In the same spot her mother had displayed fine lacemaking for Duffy Powers Department Store. Alice's daughter a graduate of 'Rochester Business Institute', her daughter Alice Mae McGarraghy worked for The Harper school of beauty aka: The Harper Method in 1942 Alice who was the executive assistant of the Company president ,found herself temporally running this international company,when her boss got call off to WW2.
She in his absence became unofficial Director.
She traveled the country,opening locations. Acting also as the representative of Martha Matilda Harper. Alice became the ghost writer of her world wide published beauty advice column. Ms.Harper was a Christian Scientist member, It could not be known that she was ever ill. When her former boss, returned from WW2. Alice went back to being,his assistant. About that time my father (a 5star metal war hero) Clement I Crowley asked to marry her by letter from war. Having only met 'Bus'
Once three years earlier,as he returned to war.
They Married Nov 17,1945 at St.Andrews Roman Catholic Church. On Portland Ave Rochester New York the church was directly across the street from McGarraghy Home. That on the front was Thomas J.McGarraghy REALTOR home office. Her father was one of the founding members of high order of modern Real estate. The title of REALTOR , noted a professional of highest ethics,and achievement creating the height standards in the industry.
In this Thomas J McGarraghy was an original Pioneer in Modern Organized MLS system, agent of many company's working together,sharing commissions .
He was also a Home Builder, and Mortgage lender.
His son Thomas started his future highly successful Insurance company, from his fathers home office.
Then in early 1960's after his marriage to beauty Dwayne Kendall ,they relocated to Fort Lauderdale Fl.
Where Thomas J. McGarraghy jr. Started the highly Successful Anaconda INS. This was his home until Tommy jr Death in 2010. He is buried in the new National Cemetery in Lake Worth,FL. As a Korean War hero, and father of Pamela McGarraghy-Edwards of Palm Beach and Thomas K, McGarraghy D:2006 Yours truly Patrick Crowley son of Alice Mae McGarraghy-Crowley. In FtL Fl.
in United States of America


[deleted] Photo is of Thomas J McGarraghy,wife Alice M. Gilmartin- McGarraghy and first child Alice Mae McGarraghy,just prior to leaving to Ireland in 1923. Being the both of their Fathers had recently died in Sligo co.Ireland.
Alice was 2yrs of age. They returned one month later to Rochester New York.
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