Allen, William, & Rachel Stivers  Family,  Ohio Stivers family photo
Sandra Taylor

Allen, William, & Rachel Stivers Family, Ohio

This is the Stiver family of Sabina Ohio taken circa 1898. Seated, second man from right is Allen W. Stivers. (1870-1941)
Update/07-06-02: We found the grave of Allen Stivers in Sabina Ohio and directly in front is a marker for William A. Stivers who is most likely the father of Allen and is probably the old man in the photo. The old lady is probably his wife Rachel. There is a GAR flag stake on Williams grave so he is a civil war veteran. ... show more

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The person who posted this photo is deceased. Anyone wishing to idenify those in this picture send an email to [contact link]
Mar 02, 2007 1:07 pm reply
Photo taken at Stivers Home Sabina, Ohio Clinton County USA on
Allen, William, & Rachel Stivers  Family,  Ohio

Allen Stivers

Born: 1870
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Allen Stivers at 30 years old  ·  Emma Hodge-Stivers at 20 years old  ·  William Stivers  ·  Rachel Stivers