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To the best of my knowledge they are: The three daughters on the top row, I cannot swear to their identy. BUT since all the others are in birth order, I think that is a fair judgment

Back row: Sarah (1876(; Alice (1879(; Mary (1882)and George (1885)

Grandpa Virgin with Alicia (1897) on his lap

Eugenie (1889); Jesse (1892 died in 1928); and Louise (1894)

Harold (1899) up on the edge of the sofa (Notice that there is 23 Years difference in Sarah and Harold)

Grandma Virgin

Now for some information:

Sarah and Alice moved to Rexburg/Salem when Mother was just a small child.

Their sister, Linda Rose (1880 and died 1882), was buried in St Charles and is not pictured. Her grave is there beside Grandpa & Grandma Virgin in St Charles.

Grandma & Grandpa visited the two daughters and decided to move up there also.
I remember Mother, Alicia, talking about some of their chickens getting away. Wish I could remember what they were called. Mutton chop that was the name of them. They had these fluffy feathers on their legs.

George died from a ruptured appendix in 1903. Grandpa Virgin made the trip to SL to do George's endowment and have him sealed to a lady by the name of Elvira Judy. She had died previously and this was a decision by both parents to seal them to each other.
in Salem, Idaho USA


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