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NancyLee Garrett To provide a little more history - Andrew was employed as a hod carrier at Indianapolis. He died on the day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor - which happened to be the birthday of his daughter, Grace. Parlee's obituary in the Indianapolis Star is one her descendants can take pride in. The piece speaks of her courage in the face of Tennessee River floods, her ability to "teach herself" in a period when girls did not advance very far in schooling and her wonderful contributions as a practical nurse, bringing babies into the world in the mountains of western Tennessee. She lived with my parents - her youngest daughter and son-in-law (Myrtle and Floyd Feasel) - for nearly the first decade of my life. She was my grandmother, guardian angel and the person who taught me to read before I ever entered school. She has always been an inspiration in my life and was a true American pioneer. Your cousin, Nancy Lee Garrett
Feb 18, 2005 · Reply
Scott Bush Nancy, thanks for you kind words on the pictures and the added details . Parlee's obit is really nice but I should point out as a matter of genealogy that a good deal of the info is in fact sadly in error. It lists Parlee's birth place as Virginia when she was in fact born in Roane County Tn -her father Jermeiah Taylor having been from Anderson County Tennessee and her mother Mary {Munsey) Taylor having been from Meigs County Tennesse. It also lists Jeremiah Taylor as a Confederate when he was in fact with a Union outfit during the Civil War , other small erros also exist, however the part about her education and the flood as well has her service as a (non-offical) nurse are in fact correct and a matter we can all be proud of. Scott Bush
Feb 19, 2005 · Reply
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