Annie (Barden) & Robert Smith, Jr.

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Annie Overton Barden and Robert Benjamin Smith, Jr. circa 1880 to 1885. Annie Overton Barden is a direct descendant of US General Thomas Overton (1753 to 1824) who was a Captain in the Continental Dragoons in the Revolutionary War and a General in the War of 1812. General Overton was also close friends with Andrew Jackson and was his "second" in the famous duel between Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickenson. It is important to note that General Thomas Overton is a direct descendant of Major General Robert Overton (1609 to 1679) who at first helped Oliver Cromwell depose the King of England, but then seeing what Cromwell was doing, he began to oppose Cromwell, resulting in years of imprisonment for Robert Overton.


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