Antoinette Juliana (Van Moerkerken) Stoltz family, 1958 Stoltz family photo
Antoinette Van Den Berg

Antoinette Juliana (Van Moerkerken) Stoltz family, 1958

A photo of Antoinette Juliana Van Moerkerken with her family in 1958.

About Antoinette Juliana (Van Moerkerken) Stoltz

My mother was a pleasant, quiet, kind, loving though strict and loved to watch rugby and loved to sing. She was my icon in many ways. Her interests were very much the same as mine, i.e. ballet and tap dancing. She never interfered in my marriage although she interceded in prayer. She was a family person and loved us dearly. My mother and father used to call each other "Lovie". My father belonged to the Apostolic Faith Mission when she met him but they joint the Penticostal Protestant Church founded in 1958. We were all brought up very strict according to the bible and still today serve the Lord Jesus Christ whole heartedly. Three children were born out of there marriage: Lona Stoltz (now Oosthuizen) born 23 Feb 1949, Johan Stoltz born 23 July 1952 and me Antoinette(also known as Ansie) born 22 Nov 1957. I wouldn't want it any different being a part of this loving family. ...more info

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Antoinette Van Den Berg Our family - Photo was taken in 1958 in Benoni where we lived at the time.
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Photo taken at East Rand County, GP South Africa
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