'ASHELAND' built by Samuel Henderson 1740

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According to "OLD HOMES IN AND AROUND VANCE COUNTY", Samuel Henderson, 1700-1783, married, in 1732, Elizabeth Williams, who was eighteen years old and an aunt of Judge John Williams of Montpelier. They moved to Granville Co, NC abt 1740.

Samuel Henderson was the first Sheriff of Granville County in 1746, and had a "Red Travern" in Williamsboro, which was modeled after an English Coffee House. Also, before 1750, he started a Mill just beyond Flemingtown, and the old dam there can be seen today. It is just above where the road crosses Henderson Mill Creek.

Asheland was built by Samuel Henderson probably when he came over from Hanover County, Virginia and, as far as I know, it is the oldest house in Vance County. It has a small hall, with a side stairway, and a large room back of this, all on one side, with two rooms about the same size on the other side. The same arrangement was upstairs. There were two large chimneys at the back, all facing the south. There probably was a porch in the front.

After Judge Richard Henderson's death, Asheland was sold to his son, Archibald Henderson of Salisbury, who probably sold it to Richard Bullock, who is said was the richest man in Granville County around 1820. He was the only son of Len Henley Bullock. In 1820, Archibald Henderson, a son of Chief Justice Leonard Henderson, married the only daughter of Richard Bullock, "Annie Bullock" and this Richard Bullock gave Asheland to them, so his daughter could live near him.

Archibald Henderson took off the front porch and added a hall and a large 'ballroom', in which he put a glass pendant chandalier. He was 7 years doing this, and this turned the house to face the east, instead of the south. After the death of the widow of Archibald Henderson, Asheland was sold, and the late Thomas F. Wiggins lived there. Later it was sold to the late Eugene White, whose widow and children live there now.
at ASHELAND, Granville County, North Carolina USA


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