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Benjamin Medes lived in Coral, Michigan. Woman on the left is identified only by last name Whipple (first name not legible) on the right is my great grandmother Harriet Sophia Medes. She married George Fralick and after his death Lysander Pickard all in Michigan. Any connections contact [contact link]
in Coral, Michigan


Patricia Gaulke I have recently discovered that the Alice Whipple in the picture is also a daughter of Benjamin Medes. She married Orsemus Whipple. Children, George, Josephine, Louisa, and Merta.
Apr 07, 2005 · Reply
Patricia Gaulke Onced again, history marches on....Alice did not marry Orsemus Whipple, she married Lowell Miner and they had three daughters, Mary, Rosa, and Loretta (Rett). Alice's sister Ann Eliza married a Whipple but it was Daniel their children were Jenny, Benjamin, and David. Ann Eliza later married David Dunn.
Mar 04, 2006 · Reply
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