Buzzard Ladies, The next generation Buzzard family photo
Arba Morrow

Buzzard Ladies, The next generation

These 5 Ladies are the Nieces of the 5 sisters in the previous 'Buzzard Ladies' Post.
This photo was taken some 70 years after the other during a Buzzard Family reunion in 1965. They are the daughters of Elmer P. Buzzard 1864-1938 & Emma Caroline Stocker 1867-?
Left to right...

Laura Marie Buzzard1889-1970
Mable Erminda Buzzard 1894-1990
Rose Buzzard 1885-?
Teresa Sabina Buzzard 1893-1982 (My Grandmother)
Myrta Buzzard 1886-1977
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Photo taken at Myrta Buzzard Christine's Home Stroudsburg, Monroe. County, Pennsylvania USA on
Buzzard Ladies, The next generation

Laura Marie Buzzard

Born: 1889
Died: unknown