Champ Ferguson, Confederate, Civil War

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Samuel "Champ" Ferguson was born in Clinton Co., KY November 29, 1821 to William Ferguson and Zilpha Huff. By 1850, he and his wife and daughter were residing in White Co., TN. With the start of the Civil War, Champ became a staunch rebel and was known for his guerrilla techniques in attacking the 'enemy', especially in the mountainous area of the Cumberland Plateau. It has been said that his vicious attacks on Union supporters was due to the rape of his wife and daughter by Union troops. His fighting techniques and attitude were viewed as those of a 'true' Highlander.
Champ was the only rebel hung at the end of the Civil War. He is buried in the France Cemetery north of Sparta, Tennessee.
This photo was taken by C.C.Hughes and reprinted in the Harper' Weekly, Saturday, Sept. 23, 1865. It shows Champ (in the middle) surrounded by his 'guard'.
in Nashville, Tennessee USA


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