Charles Edward Storie,Gladys D. Snell Storie and Lois J. Storie

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I have just found out these are the names of my fathers first wife and my half sister. Gladys D Snell, Storie and Lois J Storie, Long. The sad thing is that I will never get to meet my sister as I found out that she passed away before I got to meet. I have been looking for her since 1986 when my father passed away and we found Lois's picture in my Dad's wallet and we started looking for her. So althou she has been found her family will not share any information with me as I quess something awful happened between my father and his first wife. I don't believe the story thou as we have found out from other family what really happened and it is a very sad story. Lois family if you happened to read this please share with me I don't care what happened I only want to know about her and her family NOW not what happened before.
at Charles Edward Storie, Pitttsburg, KS


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