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Charles Henry Frecka (Frecke?)

Charles Henry Frecka was born around 1832-1835 in Prussia or Germany.

The story passed down through the family was that he came to America, evidently as a stow-away and jumped ship before it landed. ( I have found evidence of a Heinr. Frecke on a passenger list from Germany on January 6, 1851 at the age of 19 years and who was listed as being a tailor. Further investigation is necessary.)

Charles Henry ended up in Macon City, Macon County, Missouri in 1859. Family rumour was that his family were wagon-makers in Prussia. He listed his trade as a carpenter.

Charles Henry was 5 foot 3 inches tall with a light complexion, blue eyes and dark hair.

According to his records from the civil war he was 26 years of age when he joined the Union. We are not sure if this is correct, but this would make his birthdate around 1835 or 1832 if he is the same Henr. Frecke on the passenger list from Germany. His Civil War records from the National Trust Fund Board, Washington D.C. state that he was a Private, a bugler and during his duty he became ill. He contracted some form of diarhea, possibly ameobic dissentry, which continued to worsen. He was in Pilot Knob Missouri on July 2nd 1863 and when the company moved from Pilot Knob Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas he was ordered to go by ambulance. He was placed in a hospital on July 6, 1863. Soon after this date he contracted dyspepsia from which disablity he continued to suffer. He was discharged from service on December 5, 1864 and went home to Macon County, Missouri. He continued to suffer from his ailment.

Charles Henry Frecka Married Sarah Ann Crain on September 6, 1866 in Macon County Missouri. He had five children all born between 1867 and 1874.

Charles continued to worsen through the years from his illness. He applied for a pension from his Civil War duty but not until Ausut 9, 1871 the date of his application. He died on April 7, 1875. His widow Sarah Ann filed for a widows pension and received it to help care for her children.

Charles Henry did not speak very good English, as his native tongue was German. He received a letter from the Prussian Government concerning an inheritance. He became angry when he read it and threw it away. His wife Sarah Ann retrieved the letter and kept it, although she could not read German. Forty years after his death she finally found a lawyer in Colorado who could read German. Evidently he told her that even at that late date if she could produce the names of his parents she could still recieve a percentage of the inheritance left to Henry, as he was called in the letter.

Papers held by my Aunt Hazel Inez Bradbury include some affidavits signed by Sarah Ann Crain, Charles Henry Frecka, Frank Lister (Sarah Ann's late sisters husband whom she latter married), the Doctor who treated Charles Henry, Robert H. Sloan and an X made by Sarah's mother Edna. [Carolyn Rochelle Flynn Family Tree.FTW]

Information sent immigration records.
Could this be him??? Heinr. Frecke, age 19, male, occupation, tailor
last residence, Glaue in Germany
date of arrival, Jan 6, 1851
final destination, USA
ship's name, Beethoven
manifest ID # 00015025
port of embarkation, Bremen
port of Debarkation, Baltimore
mode of travel, steerage
in USA


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