Charles & Mary Boone Family, 1929 VA Reed family photo
Mary Williams

Charles & Mary Boone Family, 1929 VA

Photo taken by Dallas Cole of Charles and Mary Odessa Aldridge Boone and their twelve children. Children pictured: John Andrew Boone,
Alpha May Boone Link, Ella Ree Boone Poff,
Vivian Isma Boone Board, Garnett Ila Boone Reed, Charles Clifton Boone, Walter Leslie Boone, Mary Hazel Boone Conner, Frances Wilma Boone Lucas, Virginia Clair Boone Metzler,
Clarence Elbert Boone, and Amelia Elizabeth Boone Ragland
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Photo taken at Boone Homeplace Floyd County, Virginia on
Charles & Mary Boone Family, 1929 VA

Mary Odessa Boone

Born: Feb 19, 1878
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Charles Emmett Boone at 57 years old  ·  Mary Odessa Boone at 51 years old  ·  Alpha May Boone Link at 31 years old  ·  Ella Ree Boone Poff at 29 years old  ·  Vivian Isma Boone Board at 28 years old  ·  Garnett Ila Boone Reed at 25 years old  ·  Walter Leslie Boone at 21 years old  ·  Mary Hazel Boone Conner at 18 years old  ·  Frances Wilma Boone Lucas at 16 years old  ·  Virginia Clair Boone Metzler at 14 years old  ·  Clarence Elbert Boone at 12 years old  ·  Amelia Elizabeth Boone Ragland at 8 years old  ·  John C. Boone at 33 years old