Clarsey (Clarissa) Caroline Webb

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I'm not sure when this photo was taken. As you can tell, it is very old. Parts of the bottom corners are missing. The photo is of my great, great grandmother Clarsey (Clarissa) Caroline Webb and children. We have found in census records her name spelled two different ways. Clarsey/Clarissa. She was married to Elisha Webb. Son of Elijah Webb and Julia Ann Bowlin. The two males who are standing that are dressed alike, I'm not sure who they are unless they are brother's to Elisha Webb.
at Clarsey (Clarissa) Caroline Webb, Marion County, Alabama, Alabama


Sandra Hester If you are still wanting information on this photo, I have some to share.
May 03, 2010 · Reply
Sandra Hester Darla, this is my Great Grandmother, she is my Grandfather John Robert Webb's Mother. She and Elisha only had two sons, John Robert and the young man on the second row left in this photo, Vester Webb. The little girl in the front is their baby sister Loudie Webb Black [Sam] [I knew her well], then Grandma, then Evelina Webb Tackett [Enus],then last on front row is Vanna Webb Rollins, those are girls on the back row, after Vester, the first is Emma Webb Vaughn and the last is Becky Webb Sweeny, Daughters not in photo, because they are married and gone from home are your Grandmother Mary Jane Webb Corkin {Corkren}, Lou Ella Webb Vaughn, Hassie Webb Pearson and my Grandpa John Robert Webb Sr. Hope this information helps.
May 12, 2010 · Reply
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