Clura Stamberger - 1896 Stamberger family photo
Tiffany Morrison Jacobs

Clura Stamberger - 1896

The back of the photo says "17 years old - 1896 April -

I did some research and determined this to be Clura Stamberger. After looking through the 1900 US Federal Census, I belive that this young lady is most likely Miss Clura Stamberger, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Stamberger, bothof which were German immigrants. Clura Stamberger was born in Illinois, and was 20 years old in June of 1900. If Miss Stamberger and the Clura in the picture are one in the same, then that puts Clura’s birthday sometime between April and June 15th. ... show more

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Photo taken at Flora, Illinois USA on
Clura Stamberger - 1896


Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Clura at 17 years old