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Blue / Azure
Symbol of : Fidelity, Steadfastness, Strength, Loyalty
Planetary : Jupiter
Precious Stone : Sapphire
Engraving : Horizontal Lines
Gold / Or
Symbol of : Understanding, Respect, Virtue, Majesty, Generosity.
Planetary : Sun
Precious Stone : Topaz
Engraving : Small dots on background.
Horseshoe - Symbolizes good fortune and a safeguard against evil spirits.
Arrow - The arrow is said to be a weapon "destined for avengement." Arrows symbolize martial readiness. If depicted with a cross, is represents an affliction as the result of war. In the case of Polish armory, bows and arrows signify a man resolved to challenge himself to the utmost in battle, and who is prepared to fight to the death if necessary.
Cross - Represents faith and the Church.


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