Cox Family Matriarch - Harriet S Cox Walker

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As kids, we greatly admired and loved our great aunt Harriet. Slow to anger and quick to forgive, she seemed to embody the best virtues of her generation.
As the recipient of many family artifacts handed down thru several generations, she loved to talk about our family history and the numerous links to all the early Tennessee pioneer families who settled in the area that became east Tennessee. Even in her 70's and 80's, she would become quite animated and her eyes would sparkle when she played a wonderful old fiddle that she appears to have gotten from her Uncle George Major.
Some old letters found by another distant cousin thru her mother's line (Major) show that she kept in contact with extended family who had moved away from Tennessee in the late 1800's, and those letters were a wonderful window into part of her early years. DCox-Halls Crossroads
at Major/Cox Farm, Knox County, Tennessee USA


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