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Debby Styles Do you have any info about this Tyson? His full name? Where he is from? Who his family members are? Or anything? Thank you for any info you might have....debby
Nov 26, 2004 · Reply
Richard Freeman I believe that this is Enos (Enias) Thorton Tyson Enos was born May 20th 1754 in Montgomery Co,Pa.Died 1819 in Harrison Co,Va. Enos was Married to Ruth Thomas. they had eight Children. 1. Elizabeth Tyson born Aft. 1788, died 1844 in Rochester,Warron,OH. Married William Elgin April 1818.2. Isaac Tyson, born Aft. 1788. died in Council Bluffs, Ia.Married Polly Davidson Sept 12, 1813.3. Sarah Tyson born Aft. 1788. Married John George.4. Tacy Tyson born May 2,1791 in Harrrison Co,VA.died July 25, 1843 in Blanchester,Warren,OH. Married Bailey Norman Aug 23, 1814 in Waynesville,Warren,OH. 5. Mary Tyson born July 9,1795 in Harrison Co, VA.died Aug 12, 1845 in Waynesville, Warren,Oh.Married John P.Zell Nov 18, 1814 in Harrison Co, VA. 6. John P. Tyson born Dec 6, 1796 in Harrison Co,VA.died Dec 15,1875 in Harrison Co,VA.Married Hannah Miller Sept 1, 1818 in Harrison Co, VA.7. Thorton F.Tyson born Abt. 1797 in Harrison Co, Va. Married Mary Ann Teters Aug 18, 1821 in Harrison Co, VA.8. Oliver Norris Tyson born Mar 25, 1799 in Harrison Co, VA. died Dec 6, 1863 in Glenwood,Ia. Married Catherine Radcliffe Dec 12, 1829 in Harrison Co, VA. Richard Freeman. [contact link]
Nov 08, 2005 · Reply
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